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Payroll Software

About us

We connect everything HR—benefits, compliance, time-tracking, and more—to your payroll, so it can run itself. Every change is instantly updated, so sit back, relax, and watch payroll happen.

Automatic On/Off Boarding

We add new hires to payroll and benefits, calculate their deductions, and prorate their first and final checks.

Automatic Upkeep

Whether an employee moves, takes a vacation, or gets promoted, your payroll gets instantly updated.

Automatic Pay Runs

Select a recurring pay run schedule, and Zenefits will automatically run payroll for you—on time, every time.

Automatic Tax Filing

We handle your taxes—from processing W2s to filing taxes in all 50 states—at no additional cost.

Payroll Timeline

View a complete history of every payroll change for every employee. Pinpoint exactly the info you need.

Smart Stubs

Give your employees insight into every part of their paychecks—not just what changed, but why.

Deductions Dashboard

Track exactly how much your employees have been deducted for their benefits each pay period.

Pay Preview

Dive deep into deductions, customize your ledger, and make changes to payroll before your pay run.